Community Hackathon Group
Community Hackathon Group
Independent collaboration between developers/hackers on group to solve problems on themen events.


We start as an individual participant on several Hackathon events in Indonesia or other countries using handler name @aryonp or @bodrex_squad. As time goes by we grow into a larger team that participate on many events to solve social problems. Come join us on our quest, whether you will lose or win the challenge its the teamwork that we seek.
Disclaimer : We are not afiliated with any Bodrex products or with Tempo Scan group. We do not commercialize any of their products.
bodrex_squad or Pasukan Bodrex (Indonesian Language) came as a term in Indonesia on early 90's and still popular until right now to describe or as a slang for a group consist of slackers.

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We met, we join the causes, we trim the cases.

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